Leviathans change position and orientation on the map by expending Movement Points (MP). Each ship's Ship Card notes its starting MP in the lower left-hand corner. The ships MP value may be reduced in play as its engines are damaged. When an Engine Slot is destroyed, the ship's total MP value is reduced by the MP value of the engine slot that was lost.

A ship may expend any amount of MP each turn from none up to its current maximum value. A ship with an MP rating of zero may never move or turn through its own action.


A ship always faces a hexside (never a hex corner). A ship may only move forward into the hex it is facing. Each hex entered costs 1 MP.

Changing FacingEdit

Changing a ship's facing costs 1 MP per hexside. That is, changing the ship's facing to a hexside adjacent to its current facing costs 1 MP. A ship may never change more than one hexside per hex entered under normal movement. In normal movement, a ship must enter some number of hexes for each facing change it makes. This value is indicated in the lower right-hand corner of the ship card. Movement from previous turns may not be included.

When turning, Type 1 ships pivot on the forward hex, Type 2 and Type 3 ships pivot on the center hex and Type 4 ships pivot on the forward-center hex.

Reduced Hexes Entered Before TurnEdit

This Commander's Manual rule allows a ship to reduce its Enter Hexes Before Turn rating by one for each undamaged Steering Gear Slot on the side in question, but not below 1. Thus, a ship with a listed Enter Hexes Before Turn rating of 2 that has a damaged steering gear slot on its port side and an undamaged steering gear slot on its starboard side may turn to port after moving forward 2 hexes or to starboard after moving forward 1 hex.

Two-Hexside TurnEdit

This Commander's Manual rule allows a ship with at least one undamaged engine slot to turn up to 2 hexsides providing it does not expend movement points to move forward into any hexes in that turn.