"There are times we do things simply to confound our foes," were the words at the surprise christening of the Montpellier in 1904. The Fleet de Volée had ordered her hull laid in secret in a new construction facility located somewhere in central France. The British Foreign Service had not known that the ship was under construction until she arrived at La Borget for her christening ceremony. This sudden appearance shook the intelligence services of several governments.

The Montpellier is a fast destroyer packing a powerful wallop in the form of a 138 mm forward turret, putting her on par with many cruisers. Unlike many French destroyers, she lacks the traditional torpedo launching tubes, but her heavy punch of firepower more than makes up for it.

Under the command of Capitaine Francois Baston, she is usually assigned to squadrons along the German porder and, more recently, in a stint along the channel coast. Rumors abound that Montpellier will be attached to a new squadron in North Africa, but those have yet to be confirmed.


Grenouille-class Destroyer

Dimensions: 185 ft. x 32 ft. x 40 ft. (excluding funnels and masts)

Complement: 70

Weight: 785 tons

Engines: turbines, for 12,000 shaft horsepower (maximum speed 42 knots)

Armament: 2-138 mm, 2-65 mm