Light Cruisers


Light Cruisers are often seen as the best of both worlds. Faster than an armoured cruiser, but better armed than a destroyer, they can complete missions that other classes can't. Others, however, consider them just a series of compromises: more fragile than the heavier cruisers but still easier to target than destroyers. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Typically, they carry one forward turret with a main gun, and sometimes an aft turret as well. This is supplemented by a greater or lesser number of smaller guns in the broadside, and sometimes torpedoes.

They range in weight between 4,500 and 5,500 tonnes and are typically crewed by two-three hundred mariners.

In ServiceEdit

Known ClassesEdit

Royal SkyfleetEdit

  • Boadecia-class
  • County-class
  • Destrier-class

Fleet de VoléeEdit

  • Faucon-class
  • Liberté-class

Kaiserliche LuftmarineEdit

  • Kolberg-class

Known ShipsEdit

Royal SkyfleetEdit

  • HML Destrier, Destrier-class
  • HML New Zealand, County-class
  • HML Rouncey, Destrier-class
  • HML Suffolk, County-class

Fleet de VoléeEdit

  • Aigle, Faucon-class
  • Ardent, Faucon-class
  • Dupuy de Lôme, Liberté-class
  • Lafeyette, Liberté-class
  • Lave, Liberté-class
  • Mount Olympus, class unknown

Kaiserliche LüftmarineEdit

  • SMS Wiesbaden, Kolberg-class