HML Leviathan


British Empire




Battleship (Type 4)

Service Dates:

1906 - Present


2x 12" guns; 1x 9.2" guns; 4x 6" guns; 8x 3" QF guns


16,350 tons




Triple Expansion, 18,000 SHP


19 knots (4 hexes)



The flagship of the Royal Sky Fleet, the Leviathan little resembles the vessel that first took the skies above Whale Island. Now the fourth iteration, the vessel has seen conflict at the four corners of the globe. Festooned with barbettes and turrets, the Leviathan is perhaps the grandest of the aether flyers in the skies today. Never has she been defeated in combat, and with a reputation such as she has, it seems difficult to imagine she will fall.

With his interest in the Royal Sky Fleet and Specifically the Leviathan, it was particularly fitting for the previous vessel bearing this name--the third iteration--to serve as the centerpiece of the King's Coronation Review. Admiralty officers had raised objections regarding the "lack of propriety" in have a "spare toy" represent the combined Royal Navy, but First Sea Lord Fisher ensured the Leviathan had its day in the sun--a situation reflected in the pride of the current flagship.

Currently deployed in the Middle East, the Leviathan has had to face down continued French probes of Empire territory. Sky Captain Kent Graham has been particularly effusive about the actions of one of his gunnery officers, Lieutentan David Chandler. If the rumors of the new Director of Aerial Ordnance prove true, it would seem Chandler would be a natural addition to Dryer's team.

In 1910, the Leviathan clashed with the Jean Bart aabove the sands of Egypt and was restricted to ground-dock for months.