A French Airman


The French have organised their ganys into the Fleet de Volée. Like many other nations it grew from their navy. Unlike their main rivals across the English Channel, the French have more independant approach to training their flight crews. This has led to thoroughly competent gun handling.

Design PracticesEdit

Aerial torpedos have been more fully accepted within the Fleet de Volée than some others and it has been recognised that the tactical considerations of such are enhanced by fast, maneouverable vessels. It should be noted, however, that few French ganys mount killer guns, although sometimes a vessel will be equipped with a withering short-range broadside.

The large characteristic empennages of French vessels are responsible for their great maneuverability.

French main lift tanks are spherical and mounted along the keel, frequently visible, althought not vulnerable, from below. Their trim tanks are likewise spherical, and mounted one at each bow and quarter. Smokestacks are stepped or tapered, while the bow has a distinct 'ram' profile, with an occasional bowsprit at deck level. The stern fins are formed in a 'T', but it is common to have canards further forward, while the fan ducts have multiple outlets along the side of each one, for better maneouvering.

The French measure the caliber of their guns using the metric system, in millimeters (mm).

Leviathan ClassesEdit




Armoured CruiserEdit



Light CruiserEdit






Commandant aérienEdit

Gaston Dulet, École d’Aérien

Gravois, Board of Inquiry

Lisle, Board of Inquiry

Marius Moutet, commanding Philip II Augustus

Neville, Board of Inquiry

Capitaine AérienEdit

Francois Baston, commanding Montpellier

Jean DeGaul, commanding Olympus

Guisarm, commanding Intrépide

Montclair Dumont, commanding Pelletier

Gusrav Trelene "one-eyed-wonder" (merveille borgne?), commanding Ardent

Lieutenant aérienEdit

Miller, chief gunnery officer on Intrépide

Sous-Lieutenant aérienEdit

Alexander Ducrocq

Dumont, assistant gunnery officer on Intrépide

Lefevre, torpedo officer on Intrépide

François Moreau, junior gunnery officer on Intrépide

Paul Patel

Justin Vernin

Enseigne aérienEdit

Bechtel, gunnery on Intrépide