Grenouille Destroyer

The Pelletier, a French Grenouille-class Destroyer.


Currently the smallest viable class of Leviathan, the destroyer is a necessary part of any nation's skyfleet. Force projection, patrols, showing the flag, and screening larger ships against smaller threats are all within the realms of a destroyer's duties.

The destroyer is one of the most numerous types of skyfleet vessel for any nation. Small and fast, they are easy to build and relatively easy to crew.


Destroyers are fast, nimble vessels compared to the rest of the skyfleet. Faster than the typical light or armored cruiser, destroyers are relatively small, weighing in between 700 and 950 tons. This small weight leaves little space for large guns, resulting in smaller numbers of smaller guns than most other vessels. The typical destroyer carries several batteries of one or two kinds of mid-, or small-caliber cannons. This armament and speed makes destroyers superb screening and patrol elements. Just as destroyers are less resource intensive than larger ships, so are they less strenuous on the crew front. A fully crewed destroyer is home to between 55 and 65 crewmen, and is typically captained by an officer of at least Lieutenant Commander rank in the Royal Skyfleet or a Sous-Lieutenant aérien in the Fleet de Volée. Notably, however, the current Captain of the HML Trafford, one Clinton Parks, holds only the rank of Ensign.

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