The HML Trafford, a destroyer of the D-class.

The D-class sky destroyer is a ubiquitous sight in the Royal Skyfleet. The fourth generation of British destroyer types, the D-class has been called the "Thug of the Sky"[1], excelling at harrassing shipping and convoys over the skies of Europe.


At least three major variations within the D-class are known to exist, although exact specifications are only known for two of the three at this time. The first, chronologically, is incidentally the one who's exact details are unknown, although it can be inferred that the initial production of these destroyers included torpedos. One distinct variant of the basic hull can be found in the form of the HML Raven, which traded all mounted torpedoes for more endurance in the open skies without needing to re-arm[1]. The last of the known major refits is known as the
HML Beagle

The HML Beagle, one of the Mod. 22 sub-class.

Mod. 22[2], and is exemplified by the HML Beagle. Once again eschewing torpedos, the Beagle is faster than her sisters, and also curiously easier to hit. Rather counter-intuitively, the increase in speed also corresponds to a general increase in bow and stern armor (along with a small reduction in side armor) and a decent increase in firepower, mounting a total of three more gun batteries than her counterparts. The increase in firepower consists of an additional 3 inch gun in the bow turret, and one additional 4 inch gun in each broadside.

Known ShipsEdit

There are currently six known examples of the D-class, although no real word on what sub-class they may individually belong to in most examples.

Formations Known to Include D-class ShipsEdit


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