The Ardent (or Ardent Faucon, as she is often referred to) is the third hull laid down of the Faucon-class . She represents the French penchant for customization to a hull configuration. The Ardent is armed with a formidable 100 mm forward turret and bristles with 75 mm broadside capabilities, and has removed the torpedo tubes in favor of more blunt firepower.

The Ardent has been posted to patrol the Mediterranean under the command of Capitaine Gusrav Trelene. Trelene, known as the "one-eyed-wonder," was wounded by a piece of shrapnel from a skirmish with the British. Since assuming command, he has been considered somewhat reckless in his willingness to confront ships from other countries. This aggressiveness has put the Ardent in harm's way on several occasions and has earned Trelene a great deal of distinction in the Fleet de Volée. The reputation of the ship is such that when other vessels spot the Ardent, they are known to prepare for battle, whether or not the situation merits it.


Class: Faucon-class Light Cruiser

Dimensions: 250 ft. x 72 ft. x 80 ft. (excluding funnels & masts)

Complement: 297

Weight: 4,850 tons

Engines: Triple expansion for 14,850 shaft horsepower (maximum speed 38 knots)

Fuel: coal, normal 400 tons, maximum 495 tons

Armament: Two 100 mm, six 75 mm, four 47 mm